About Us 

Our mission is to maximise performance and reduce injury and discomfort, by applying science and technology to equestrian equipment. 

We are passionate equestrians.  We've ridden cross-country, gone hacking with friends, trained and competed performance Quarter Horses in Texas, trained movie horses, and ridden track work 

Horses are athletes, and like any other athlete they require equipment that allows them to perform unrestricted by pain. By improving saddle technology, we can improve both performance and welfare. The two go hand in hand.

Academic Achievements

  • Presented at the British Society for Animal Science Conference

  • Presented at the International Society for Equitation Science Conference

Business Awards

  • London Design Council winner of SPARK

  • Innovate UK SMART award

  • John Logie Baird Young Innovator award for the technology

  • SMART: Scotland Feasibility Award