Exciting times - BETA fair, NZ & beyond

Trace was lucky enough to be invited to join the lovely team at Science Supplements at the BETA Gala dinner last night, where they had been nominated for an industry award in one of the most hotly contested categories - Nutritional Helpline of the Year.  Science Supplements actively engage in research looking into the efficacy of their formulations.  While they didn't win the category this time, they definitely are one to watch in future!

Later this week she will head to New Zealand, with visits scheduled to riders, owners and trainers from racing, dressage, showing and show jumping backgrounds.  If she plays her cards right, she might even get to visit a beach or two.  Trace is looking forward to sharing a little more about what we're doing with these talented and passionate horsemen/women, and learning more from them about what they are looking for in terms of their 'perfect saddle', with the goal always being to help each of them improve the health & performance of their horses.