Frequently asked questions

When / where can I purchase one?

Development of a commercially available saddle is underway.  At the moment we are working on saddles for horse racing and endurance riding. Please let us know if you would like to reserve a saddle or participate in a beta release.

Are dressage / SJ / XC / GP / Western / polo saddles available?

The platform technology that we have developed can be used within saddles for most disciplines. We hope to launch GP, dressage and show jumping saddles at a later date. However, in the meantime we welcome enquiries from all disciplines, and are happy to discuss one-off, custom projects with specific clients.

I'm a saddle manufacturer. What about me?

We are happy to discuss opportunities for collaboration, particularly if your customers demand high levels of performance from their equipment. There will always be room for personal preference when it comes to leather, styling, quality fittings, brand loyalty, seat shape ... the list is endless. We would love to help you produce an even better saddle for your customers.

How can I find out more about your research?

We love educated saddle owners, and we're happy to share the research that we have done so far. If you attend equine conferences you might come across us; feel free to introduce yourself and start a discussion.